About Us

Are you good at Video Games? You wish to take that talent and apply it to a team that will compete with the nation's best university teams, and have the chance to win prizes and glory for LSBU? Or do you want to chill with some friends and play the best Esports the world has to offer?

No matter what your seeking, the South Bank Elephants - Esports Society has you covered. We're LSBU's premier esports society, running multiple teams across a multitude of PC games and console games.

If you're an active player in any of these games or have another game that you want to create a team around, join our society and then come visit our discord (under website link), where you can talk directly to our current committee staff.

And together, we can make history.


Top 8

Super Smash bros. Ultimate Team Championship Winter 2020

Top 32

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Spring 2020

4th Place Regional Division 4

League of Legends Spring 2020

Top 8

Super Smash bros. Ultimate Team Championship Spring 2021