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NSE (National Student Esports) is the most active grassroots gaming community in the country and the official body of university esports. NSE’s mission is to elevate students’ university esports experience, supporting them now and in their future careers. NSE Careers Boost is a gateway to the best early careers STEM and data science talent. 

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For more than five years NSE has been building and supporting a talented student community brought together through their passion for esports and gaming. NSE’s community is made up of tens of thousands of students across the UK - significantly c.70% are STEM students and 28% study computer science.

NSE Careers Boost is helping connect these talented students with leading employers that are looking to recruit more STEM talent amongst their workforce. The NSE community boasts students with skills across computer science, engineering, natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry), mathematics, statistics, data science and more. Significantly, students in the NSE community have enhanced their social and technical skills through their esports and gaming participation at university, making them even more valuable and sought-after new hires.

It is also a welcoming and diverse community with 20% women & non-binary; a presence across 110+ universities fostering socio-economic and geographical diversity; and welcoming 26% LGBTQIA+ sexualities; with 36% from ethnic minorities.

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Sourcing and attracting the most suitable graduates for a modern workforce is a well-reported challenge, which, combined with the global shortfall of STEM talent in the UK and international employment market makes hiring STEM graduates an increasingly costly and competitive endeavour. NSE Careers Boost aims to help students find rewarding careers and forward-thinking employers to attract the best in early careers talent.