NSE has a lot of competitive play, and while that is a key focus, our community activity offers some more fun and casual events to the student community. At the end of each month, we releasing a schedule of events for the NSE community which will be a mix of esports and more casual games.

These new events are designed as a welcoming and inclusive way to help new students join the NSE community as well as provide existing players try new things in a light-hearted environment.

What you can expect from our community events:

  • Alternative takes on traditional esports:
    e.g. Alternative game modes like 1v1 League/Dota, CSGO Wingman, Rocket League modes etc.

  • NSE Newbie Nights:
    A night dedicated to learning a new esport that you may not have played before in a friendly and welcoming environment with some more experienced players to guide you.

  • Events for women & non-binary members of the community:
    Taking place once a month, these events will be a mix of casual games, esports or NSE Newbie Nights for women and non-binary members of the NSE community.

  • Casual game nights and events:
    e.g. For games that aren’t esports like Among Us, Minecraft, Escape from Tarkov, Animal Crossing etc and also quiz nights