NSE has a lot of competitive play, and while that is a key focus, our community activity offers some more fun and casual events to the student community. At the end of each month, we release a schedule of events for the NSE community which will be a mix of esports and more casual games. These events are designed as a welcoming and inclusive way to help new students join the NSE community as well as provide existing players try new things in a light-hearted environment.

What you can expect from our community events:

  • Alternative takes on traditional esports:
    e.g. Alternative game modes like 1v1 League/Dota, CSGO Wingman, Rocket League modes etc.

  • NSE Newbie Nights:
    A night dedicated to learning a new esport that you may not have played before in a friendly and welcoming environment with some more experienced players to guide you.

  • Events for women & non-binary members of the community:
    Taking place once a month, these events will be a mix of casual games, esports or NSE Newbie Nights for women and non-binary members of the NSE community.

  • Casual game nights and events:
    e.g. For games that aren’t esports like Among Us, Minecraft, Escape from Tarkov, Animal Crossing etc and also quiz nights


Community Events: July Schedule
Fun and casual events with prizes for students and alumni of the NSE community. Five events are lined up for this month, including the following games; Genshin Impact, Mario Strikers, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics & Mario Kart.
Oxford-Cambridge Esports Varsity 2022
The annual Oxford-Cambridge Esports Varsity is back for 2022! Book your calendars for Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of June, where the two universities will battle it out live across 5 games to be crowned as the Esports Varsity Champion 2022.
Summer Affiliate Leagues
Here’s a rundown of the tournaments organised by our affiliate leagues that are on this summer season. This summer season features; Sim-racing, fighting games & Call of Duty.
Say hello to the NSE admin team!
We would like to welcome two new admins joining the team this summer and give you a quick introduction to all of our other existing admins.
Community Events: June Schedule
Fun and casual events for students and alumni of the NSE community. Five events are lined up including Animal Crossing, Genshin Impact, Rocket League and Teamfight Tactics.
April Intel Monthly MVP and May Nominations
Join us in congratulating Gorilla of Brunel University for their amazing contributions to the esports society at Brunel, for which they've been awarded the Intel Monthly MVP.
May's Socks for Socs Caption Challenge
Fancy yourself a photo caption aficionado? This month's #socksforsocs challenge will be a photo caption contest!
CS:GO PGL Major Pick'em Challenge
Know your s1mples from your pimples? Enter our CS:GO PGL Major Pick'em challenge for the chance to win a £10 Steam Gift Card and most importantly, bragging rights on your peers!
NSE at Insomnia Gaming Festival 68 roundup
Didn't manage to catch us at i68? Take a look at what NSE and students got up to over the weekend.
April 2022's Society of the Month - Oxford Esports
This month, we take the time to celebrate the society of the month for April, Oxford Esports! Their enthusiasm to get their community involved and together at i68 has been a great showing of what LANs and student esports are really all about.
April's Insomnia Socks for Socs!
With our Insomnia LAN finals and BYOC coming up this month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring our communities together, and what better way to do this than via good old fashioned free stuff!
NSE and Societies take on GameBlast 2022
Societies across the country took over the NSE Twitch channel for 18 hours to raise money for SpecialEffect's GameBlast over the weekend of the 25th - 27th February 2022.