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Warwick Rocket League Year in Review 2018/19
We compiled the best moments from Warwick Rocket League (part of Warwick Esports) from 2018/19 into a video. Check it out below to see all the fun moments, NSE highlights, socials, tournaments and all the other stuff WRL got up to.
Roehampton announces expansion of the Esports Arena
We're incredibly excited to announce the expansion our our very own Esports Arena! The space will host 20 gaming PCs, selection of consoles, TVs other great things! The space is available to all Roehampton students!
The future of Uni esports coaching is...
We spoke to Jack 'COACH' Fenton about the current state and the future of university esports coaching and how he got into the industry.
Congratulations on your A Level results - Get Involved with University Esports Today!
Welcome to the world of university esports. The next years of your life will see you make awesome new friends, have tons of new experiences and, if you’ve made it to this page, joining the university esports community!
ESL and NSE Announce Partnership
We’re pleased to announce our partnership with ESL which will strengthen the connection between universities and the wider esports space.
Get your Society Jersey Designed for Free with Raven
Raven and NSE have partnered to offer an exclusive promotion for all current and new societies competing in the British University Esports Championship for 2019/2020.
How Was Excel Esports Founded?
Founded back in 2014, Excel Esports began on the campus of Lancaster University as the dream of two brothers, Kieran and Joel Holmes-Darby. Five years later they would have a team inducted into the League of Legends European Championship, the LEC.
Over £10,000 raised for Student Fundraising Campaign
The students who make up university esports and gaming are incredible and their efforts over the last 6 months have proved it. Raising over £10,000 with events, streams and some great activities for all. Get involved at your university today!