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Welcoming Intel as the Official Headline Partner of the British University Esports Championship
Today we are thrilled to announce Intel as the official headline partner for the second season of the British University Esports Championship.
PUBG Summer Community Tournaments
Pack those parachutes and polish your best frying pan as we’re dropping PUBG into our Summer community tournaments! We’ll be running a tournament for duos and for squads and you can play in both.
valde "Giving your players freedom is important in a Counter-Strike team and I try to exercise that"
We spoke with valde about his adjustment to the calling role and the prospects for the Danes moving forward.
Freya: "[The idea of] desk hosting always scared me because of the reliance of being spontaneous"
We sat down with Freya at the ECS S7 Finals to discuss her stage and desk hosting experiences.
Qualify for Forge of Champions through NSE Summer League
We’re thrilled to announce that the winners of the NSE League of Legends Summer League will qualify directly into the first round of the Main Event in the upcoming edition of LVP’s Forge of Champions.
Summer Tournament Signups Now Open
We’ve lined up a variety of Summer tournaments for you to take part in and will also be running more community events alongside them. Without further ado here’s the breakdown of tournaments you can take part in!
apEX: "This is the most I have ever enjoyed playing with a French team"
Sitting down with apEX to uncover his thoughts on the recent successes of Vitality and reflected on some of his previous lineups.
arT: “We never lost [...] the passion and that is the most important thing"
Shortly before the ECS Finals we sat down with arT to discuss the squad’s recent successes and unorthodox playstyle.