Welcome to the Affiliate League Hub!

We've teamed up with British University Sim Racing and University Fighting Games to support more titles in University Esports!

British University Sim Racing

British University Sim Racing is proud to announce that we will be using NSE's platform for our Second winter season! This will allow our leagues to grow in numbers significantly, and drivers will be able to earn points towards the BUEC for their university! We also look forward to being able to offer top prizes to our best drivers, thanks to the sponsors of the NSE.

We will be running 3 leagues spanning over 8 weeks on F1 2021, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and DiRT Rally 2.0, with 8 events in each.

Be sure to join our Discord to be kept up to date, or follow us on Twitter & Instagram. We also stream each race we do live on Twitch!

University Fighting Games

UFG returns for the next academic year, now going on 4 years! We're preparing for another exciting year of nationwide fighting game action, and are looking forward new titles and new players joining the fray!

This split we'll be seeing the return of Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, Street Fighter V and Tekken 7, as well as welcoming Melty Blood: Type Lumina as one of our main split titles! We're excited to see fresh competition in each of these games!

UFG will be running community tournaments for Melty Blood: Type Lumina and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl before their Winter Season begins. For more info on those events and to sign-up, join the UFG Discord.

UK University Card Games

UKUCG is the hub for all things Digital Card Games while at UK Universities. We're a small team working to put on great events for students, both online and in-person!

For any questions please visit our Discord