national student esports

NSE (National Student Esports) is the newly formed official body for university esports. Created by Benchmark, a global group of organisations that specialise in the development of sport and entertainment related networks, and supported by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), the national governing body for university sport in the UK, NSE aims to raise the profile of university esports by creating the best university esports experience worldwide.

By working with student organisations and game publishers, and also by working with BUCS to leverage their knowledge, relationships and infrastructure across the higher education sector NSE aims to create an ecosystem for esports within universities around the UK, operating a series of official university esports competitions, offering a range of supportive services to student esports societies and a first-of-it’s-kind digital community platform.

The competitions will serve students of all skill levels through tiered-competitive play, culminating in two exciting official annual championships to crown the winning teams and universities.