June 2024 Society of the Month - Glasgow Caledonian University Esports Society



Our June Society of the Month is Glasgow Caledonian University Esports Society - Congratulations!

The Caledonian Chargers hosted the Glasgow-based varsity event, Battle For Glasgow, for a second year in a row using the Intel Event in a Box scheme; this comes after a loss for both the Caledonian Chargers and STRATHERS (University of Strathclyde) after rival Glaswegian team Glasgow Grizzlies (University of Glasgow) beat the pair in 2023.

The three day event, running from Friday June 28th to Sunday June 30th, boasted matches in Counter Strike 2, Overwatch 2, Rocket League, VALORANT, League of Legends, Tekken 8, and Super Smash Bros; as well as being joined by a large scale fundraising effort through the sale of tickets and wearable merchandise.

Now, for 2024 - The Caledonian Chargers can happily say they won the Battle For Glasgow on home ground.

We checked in with "Bruhdini" for an update:

How did it go?
The event went great! We had very few issues and we were able to add a couple new things this year that were received very well.

Did you manage to improve on issues you had back in 2023?
A lot of issues we faced with the broadcast were fixed, and it went amazing. This meant that the experience for online spectators and the viewing experience in the venue were dramatically elevated. We completely switched from NDI to SDI so any lagging or delays were reduced to 0.

What could have gone better?
Our pre-event media days could have gone a lot better. Poor scheduling and studio availability made the experience for the players pretty bad. We also made some rookie mistakes when taking content which can definitely be improved on.

Any closing comments?
Every single person on our team is the reason our event went as well as it did!

It's still up in the air for which university will have the honour of hosting next year, but for now the Caledonian Chargers are Glasgow royalty!

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