June 2024 Intel Monthly MVP and July Nominations



The Intel Monthly MVP is a community-driven award where students around the country can nominate their peers for their outstanding behaviours, activities, achievements and just generally going above and beyond within gaming and esports.

This month the winner is Maya 'Mayanaise' Szollosy. They were nominated (and won) due to going above and beyond for Durham's Esports & Gaming Society.

Here's an extract of what Maya was nominated for:
"Maya has been an integral part of DUEG over the past year and made invaluable contributions to the society not just for its current members, but that will also impact in the future too. Most significantly, she has shown incredible resilience in the face of a tumultuous year.

She stepped up to the plate when multiple exec members stepped down and worked hard to ensure the effect was barely noticeable, despite completing her final year dissertation and juggling many other deadlines. It is hard to put into words the sheer passion Maya has demonstrated, acting as a great representative for the society in industry events, taking on active leadership above and beyond her assigned responsibilities, and giving her all so that DUEG members could fall in love with esports the same way she had."

We sat down with our MVP to have a quick chat about their time at the Durham University:

If you know of somebody who you think is an outstanding member of your community, for any reason, then please, nominate them for next month's Intel Monthly MVP award - nominations are open now! The winner will be awarded a swag bag of Intel goodies, including an exclusive Intel Monthly MVP pin.

Nominations close on Monday 15th July.

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