Cosmetic Industry: What is involved in the industry?



Every day we see advertisements for personal care products, from shampoo, body wash, fragrances, toiletries and skincare products like toner and moisturiser. 

The cosmetic industry is massive on a global scale involving a full range of scope. This includes development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and more. The industry itself is driven by evolving innovation with new product formulations, packaging designs and marketing strategies. This can be intertwined with goals and trends of sustainability, anti-animal testing, organic products and AI-based personalised beauty solutions. 

If you are creative, attentive to detail, have strong communication skills, and huge interest in the cosmetic industry with an educational background in chemistry, biology, marketing, business, engineering or equivalent, you should consider the wide range of opportunities available in the industry. These areas and their responsibilities typically are:

  • Research and Development (R&D): Conducting research to develop new products, testing product efficacy and safety.
  • Packaging and Design: Designing product packaging, ensuring functionality and aesthetics, and considering environmental impact
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing: Overseeing production processes, managing logistics and supply chain operations
  • Sales and Retail: Promoting and selling products, providing customer service and managing retail operations
  • Marketing and Brand Management: Developing marketing campaigns, managing brand identity and engaging with consumers on digital platforms

Our next Deep Dive article covers various entry-level opportunities offered by different companies in the industry!