Pringles Fun Formats - Aimlabs Spidershot Challenge


10/05/2024 @ 17:00
26/05/2024 @ 23:59
Disc: kennyv2 or jordyunknown



Sharpen your mechanics and fine-tune your aim in our Pringles Fun Formats - Aimlabs Spidershot Challenge! Test your accuracy and agility against the rest of the NSE community and prove you're the best aimer in town.

Submission Open: Friday 10th May
Submission Close: Sunday 26th May 11:59pm
Open to:
Students & Alumni

1st Place: 1x Pringles Bundle (Pringles Mouse Mat, Pringles Cans, Pringles Stickers & Pringles Fidget Cube)
Random Prize: Beat Jordy's score (58,029) to have a random chance at winning a £10 Amazon Gift Card

How it works:

- Head to the Spidershot (Ultimate) training map.

- Click the edit loadout button and select the settings - Map: Graybox and Weapon: 9mm

- Play and complete the map to get your score.
- Once you have your score, head to the replay section and click on the share icon.

- With your impressive score and link to hand, head to the link below and fill in the submission form.
- You can submit how ever many times you'd like to give yourself the best chance of winning.

>> Submit your score here <<


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