Sign-ups open for UFG Summer 2022 - Alumni included!

It's a Summer lined up with Fighting Game excitement, with the return of a live EVO and UK's very own VSFighting. In the run-up to these big events, UFG will be returning for the Summer with a shorter 5-week Season, and for the first time we're welcoming alumni into the mix! Provided you have not previously won a UFG Champion title in your chosen game, you are free to enter alongside the new blood in the UFG Community!

We'll also be adding DNF DUEL to our lineup! This hotly anticipated title releases just ahead of the Season, so expect some fresh, exciting gameplay straight off the starting line! DNF Duel takes the Monday slot over Melty Blood.


All games begin week commencing 4th July. Our Season schedule for all games is as follows:

Week 1-3: Double Elim Bracket

Week 4: LCQ Double Elim Bracket

Week 5: Double Elim Finals


All games are prized as follows:

1st - UFG Champions Hoodie

2nd - UFG Snapback


Find details and links to the games we're running below:

DNF Duel - Mondays, 7:30pm

DNF Duel arrives from legendary fighting game developer Eighting! Prepare for some intense action featuring characters from the Dungeon Fighter Online series!

Sign-ups are open here


Street Fighter V - Tuesdays, 7:30pm

Street Fighter hype is at an all time high, so why not join in with its latest instalment? Following its definitive patch, Street Fighter V approaches its twilight days before SFVI arrives next year, so make sure you don't miss these tournaments at UFG!

Sign-ups are open here


Guilty Gear Strive - Thursdays, 7:30pm

Season 2 has been unleashed on the Guilty Gear scene, fresh with new system updates and character "balance"! We're excited to see the competition continue to ramp after one year of Strive, which first made its appearance last Summer at UFG - we've seen many strong rivalries form, with more surely to come this Season!

Sign-ups are open here


Tekken 7 - Fridays, 7:30pm

Tekken continues to hold at UFG, fostered by the strong community at UFG! While we all wait for potential news at EVO, join up in the competition with the seventh title in the franchise, and potentially claim the title we know many have tried to clutch in the long history of UFG Tekken!

Sign-ups are open here


Make sure to join our Discord for announcements and more details!