Intel FutureGen 2022 Wrap-up



Aaaand that’s a wrap! We just wanted to thank and give the Intel FutureGen 2022 cohort a final shout-out and a rundown of what we were able to offer these great students this year.

Thank you very much to our cohort again for continuing to be so enthusiastic about the industry. We are confident that you will get fantastic career opportunities in the future and we are excited to see where you will land.

  • Adam Carter, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Alex Oliver, Durham University
  • Caity Emery, University of Warwick
  • Chun Yin Michael Fok, University of Birmingham
  • Daria Ionita, University of Essex
  • Edward Joyce, University of Southampton
  • Elise Amelia Dennis, Falmouth University
  • Jacob Williams, Swansea University
  • Joshua Mankelow, University of Warwick
  • Kai Heale, Durham University
  • Kieran Bourbery, Heriot-Watt University,
  • Lauryn Halpenny, University of Leeds
  • Lily Djahanbakhsh, Roehampton University
  • Meg Stemman Sunshine, University of Manchester
  • Ollie Mcferran, Bangor University
  • Richard Sykora, University of Essex
  • Rory Singer, Nottingham Trent University
  • Sang Tae Lee, Coventry University
  • Sara Leghari, Staffordshire University London
  • Zainuddin Mohammed, Brunel University

This year we introduced the buddy system, where 20 carefully selected industry professionals were paired up with each of the students to have one-to-one conversations about careers in the esports industry. We would like to thank the buddies for their contributions:

  • Abbey Plumb, Senior Technical Program Manager at Unity Technologies
  • Oliver Clarke, Commercial Director at BLAST
  • Dan Ellis, Commercial Director at Code Red Esports
  • Morgan Ashurst, Head of ESI Media
  • Mitsouko Anderson, Head of Partnerships at DotX Talent
  • Neal "tsunami" Khandheria, Dota 2 Caster
  • Charlotte Pook, Talent Acquisition Manager at Electric Square
  • Mark Broom, UK Consumer Marketing Specialist at Intel
  • Ben Steenhuisen, Senior Software Architect at Bayes Esports Solutions GmbH
  • Joe Hills, Account Manager Brand Partnerships at StreamElements
  • Catherine Bygrave, Head of Publisher and Developer Relations at Gfinity
  • Nathan Edmonds, Head of Community & Marketing at Hitmarker
  • Julia Cwierz, Esports Paralegal
  • Robb Boyd, Social Media & PR Specialist at PCSpecialist
  • Jack “Wolfy” Saunders, CS:GO Caster
  • Muriëlle “Kips” Huisman, Dota 2 Analyst
  • Chris Duggan, Senior Event Partnership Manager at Player1 Events
  • Giulia Zecchini, Commercial Strategy Lead at FACEIT
  • Neale Maker, UK Esports & Player Engagement Marketing Manager at Ubisoft
  • Owen McIntyre, Marketing Manager (Xbox UK&I) at Microsoft

Furthermore, we also had 6 sessions broadcasted to our Twitch channel from industry professionals where they were able to go in-depth about their personal experiences in the industry that was available to everyone. The 2022 FutureGen cohort then had access to an exclusive Q&A session after the presentations on Twitch. Here’s a rundown of who we had this year:

  • Introduction to FutureGen - Mark Broom, UK Customer Client Marketing Specialist at Intel.
  • Q&A Session - Kieran Holmes-Darby, Gaming Director at the ABB Fia Formula E Championship & Co-Founder of Excel.
  • Q&A Session - Sacriel, Streamer & Twitch Partner.
  • Esports Coaching - Matthew Watson, Director of Learning & Development at the International Federation of Esports Coaches.
  • League Operations - Chris Henshaw, Head of League Operations at National Student Esports
  • Recruitment in Esports - Heather Dower, Founder & CEO of Hotdrop

Finally, we were able to offer our cohort a range of goodies and event access!

  • Exclusive Intel FutureGen branded Intel x NSE merch kits.
  • Full access tickets to Insomnia i68 & NSE Spring Finals.
  • Full access tickets to ESI London 2022.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? The sign-ups for the 2023 cohort are opening soon!


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