Intel FutureGen Broadcast - Q&A with Sacriel



As part of the Intel FutureGen programme, we are broadcasting a series of online sessions with leading industry figures.

Our second session featured a Q&A with Sacriel, streamer, content creator and esteemed tea drinker.

Watch the full broadcast below.



  • 00:00 Start of stream
  • 02:16 Introduction
  • 02:54 Who is Sacriel?
  • 03:35 What goes into a livestream and what viewers don't see
  • 05:25 What kind of coding goes into the stream?
  • 06:52 Brand partnerships and how to be attractive to brands
  • 09:21 The ‘42nd’ Sacriel community
  • 10:59 Building a community, keeping momentum and engaged
  • 13:12 Sacriel's start in content creation and streaming
  • 15:33 Separating casual gaming from work
  • 17:55 Games Sacriel plays off stream
  • 18:55 Intel’s ‘play hard, live well’ campaign
  • 22:00 Advice for people aspiring to becoming content creators
  • 25:54 End of stream


Stay tuned for news on who our next Intel FutureGen speaker is!

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