Intel FutureGen Broadcast - Q&A with Kieran Holmes-Darby 2022



As part of the Intel FutureGen programme, we are broadcasting a series of online sessions with leading industry figures.

Our first session features a Q&A with Kieran Holmes-Darby, Gaming Director at FIA Formula E and Co-Founder of the esports organisation EXCEL. 

Watch the full broadcast below.



  • 00:55 What is Formula E?
  • 02:04 Gaming Director at Formal E, what does that mean?
  • 04:23 Does gaming at Formula E include esports?
  • 05:15 How have you found it going from an esports organisation, taking the knowledge there and taking it into a traditional sport?
  • 08:01 You and your brother started Excel whilst at university, can you tell us a bit about what the process was like?
  • 10:55 The university asked you to put together a one page business plan for Excel, did either of you at the time understand what a business plan was?
  • 12:16 When you’ve been building a team at Excel or Formula E, when you’re looking at applications, what makes people stand out?
  • 17:47 Is there anything you wish you could have learnt before you got into esports?
  • 20:17 There are a lot of students looking to get into esports, for a lot of people they think that means getting into an esports organisation or team. Do you think they are looking too narrow minded?


Stay tuned for news on who our next Intel FutureGen speaker is!

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