Sign-ups open for the University Call of Duty Series - Alumni included!

The signups for our very first Call of Duty Series tournament opens just 4 weeks from now on the 5th of June. With 6 weeks of action-packed streams and two competitive divisions to play in anyone from any skill level is welcome to participate.

We have also allowed alumni’s to be able to participate in the tournament to bring more competition throughout the divisions which will be on offer throughout the summer season. Do not worry if you cannot find a full team of 4 as we will be offering a way to create a team with different universities, so everyone has a chance to play.

Stage 1 (Week 1)

In stage 1, teams will be seeded into either of 2 groups depending on average ranked play rank. In the first-round teams will play other teams in the same skill level.

Stage 2 (Week 2-4)

In stage 2, teams will have the opportunity to play other teams in the other division to have a chance to move up and down in divisions.

Stage 3 (Week 5)

In stage 3, teams will play off the top teams in their divisions to have a chance to play in the finals.

Stage 4 (Week 6)

In stage 4, teams will play in a BO9 against the other top team in their division for a chance to win the tournament division they are in.

If you are interested in playing in the brand-new Call of Duty league, please follow the link below or join our discord

Sign up here: