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We are DMU E-Sports Society! We are the largest E-Sports society in the UK supporting all types of competitive games. We focus on FPS, MOBAs, RTS, MMORPGS, etc! Our main games are League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, PUBG, as well as a variety of multiplayer strategy games such as Civilisation or Stellaris. Whether you want to join for fun or competitively, everyone is welcome!

We mainly operate on Discord. It is constantly active 24/7 and there are usually people online in the voice channels. If you’d like to join our community please get involved there! We have daily discussions in text channels and regularly host games on discord via voice communications.

The DMU E-Sports Society also aims to provide an enthusiastic and friendly community, as well as discover competitive players at DMU who wish to participate and represent their skills against other universities. We provide hosting for this at DMU at all skill levels. We have achieved great success in the tournaments. As an example, we have had over 15 teams for League of Legends  last year. We have been back-to-back Midlands Champions for League of Legends in the last 2 years and are 3 time finalists and 2 times winners of the CS:GO.

We have weekly LAN parties in the gaming labs for players of all our games to get together and have fun. After our gaming session at labs we usually go to a local pub in town and have a great time. We also host socials such as pub meets, nights out, house parties and even food trips for everyone to get together and have fun and socialise! These events normally have a lot of people attending - our Christmas meal had nearly 60 people attend! 

We have hosted and will continue to organise viewing parties for professional gaming events, and trips to personally see these tournaments such as LCS (for League of Legends). 2 years ago we even took a society trip to IEM Katowice in Poland!

If you're a highly competitive player, a casual gamer looking for some fun with friends or even just a total newbie to the gaming scene, come along and see what we're all about!



3rd Place Rocket League

2018 Winter Championship

2nd Place Challenger Division League of Legends

2018 Winter Championships
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Media Production (11-14)



Computer Security (12-15)



Computer Games Programming (11-15)