About Us

Welcome to the ARU eSports NSE page!

Are you new to the scene or just happen to have a passing interest? We happily welcome all newcomers and veterans of eSports!

Make sure to join our Discord server where almost all of our online correspondence is held and follow our Facebook page!

If you wish to attend any in-person events or join a team roster then you must purchase a membership for FREE either on our society page or in-person at the front desk in the Student's Union.

Our aim at Anglia Ruskin is to create a mixed community of competitive players, casters and fans of eSports to form competitive teams for online and local tournaments and to watch & analyse professional games together.


Regularly competing in online and local tournaments

As a society, we currently have several official eSports teams for League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Valorant, Rocket League, Fighting Games, Rainbow Six: Siege & Apex Legends. We are definitely interested in competing in other games as well so feel free to bring any new ideas to our attention!

Viewing Parties

Whenever there is enough interest, we organise viewing parties for major tournaments where members can come together to watch events such as LoL Worlds, EVO, CS:GO Majors etc, free food & drinks are provided (for in-person events). These viewing parties will be announced as appropriate so we advise you to follow us on social media or join the society discord server so you never miss an event!

Have an idea?

We are always open to trying out new games or setting up teams to mix things up a bit, if you're interested in starting a team or a scene for a game that we don't cover, feel free to get in touch with us either in-person at a meet-up or through our discord with any ideas you may have.


You can join our society by purchasing a membership for FREE either on this page or in-person at the front desk in the Student's Union.
Also, make sure to join our Discord server where most of our online correspondence is held and follow our Facebook page!


Division 3

Rainbow 6 Siege Winter 2021