The NARAKA: BLADEPOINT University Invitational - Week Two



The second week of the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT University Invitational is all wrapped up and we just have the finals to go! The sixteen universities met again on the Morus Isle and Holoroth on Sunday 27th November to improve on their points from last week and get a good lead going into the finals this weekend.

Like the first week, four games took place over two maps, where teams got points based on a mix of where they finished in the game and also on how many kills they got with a multiplier applied to their kill score based on their placement.

We're looking again at the University of Manchester's team, who are sitting comfortably at the top of the table and are showing an amazingly strong performance. They've even managed to more than double their kill score from the previous week which sat at 103 total kills. I wouldn't be surprised to see teams from different universities working together to try to take down the incredible team from Manchester in the finals!

Talking about teams that really showed up in week two, the most improved university is University College London. They were sitting in 15th place after week one, but had a really strong performance on Sunday getting lots of kills and placing well in the rounds, they are now in 5th place! We'll have to see if the team from Staffordshire University steps up their game this week to reclaim that 5th place spot. 

We've also seen an improvement from Durham University as they've tripled their kill count from last week. From sitting at 13th, they've managed to climb up to 10th.

The teams from the University of Warwick, Keele University and De Montfort University showed a solid week again and where they sit in the standings remains unchanged.

The final week of the invitational is this weekend! It'll be held live from HOST Salford so if you're in the Manchester area, keep your eyes peeled on our guide to attending in person. If you're not local - don't worry! You can tune in on on the NSE Twitch channel on Sunday 4th December. We'll be doing some giveaways on broadcast and also at the viewing party at HOST!

Fancy a slice of the action and thinking of getting into NARAKA: BLADEPOINT yourself? Check out our new player guide here and download the game below.


You can also watch the full replay of week two here:


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