Sweet Dreams are made of Islands!

With the announcement of the Island Tours Competition, you may be debating dusting off your switch to join in on the sleepy festivities, but how do you do that? Read on to find out!

Dream Suites were added as a part of an update in July, all island dwellers receiving a letter from the native Tapir, letting them know they should try to sleep. The Dream Suite feature allows people to visit other people’s islands in a frozen save state, allowing players to explore islands to their heart's content!

Attached is Luna’s Bed, which you don’t need to use to access the Dream Suite as any bed will do, but we appreciate the gesture!

Lying down, you go to your dreams where you meet Luna, where she explains how the Dream Suite works and what to do.

You do need a valid Dream Address to visit an island, which you can get from many forums to get some island inspiration - and the NSE Discord! You can also share your own island, generating a Dream Address for you to give to people to explore your handiwork across your island.

On confirming a Dream Address, you wake up outside your chosen island’s Resident Services on a bed, ready for exploration!

In a dream state, you can explore the island, talk to residents and talk to other players. If the island you have visited has areas you need a pole or ladder to get to, you cannot get to them as you cannot use any tools in the dream state. You’ll also have access to the island owner’s custom design portal, allowing you to copy any of their available designs!

Ready to get cosy before getting island envy? Join us on the NSE Discord to showcase your island, the contest entries close on November 30th!

Sweet dreams!

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