Staffordshire Sixers' ‘Pew Pew’ compete as the first weeks of Rainbow Six Siege Esports’ UKIN 2023 get underway.

Staffordshire Sixers 'Pew Pew' were one of the eight teams involved in the first week of Rainbow Six Siege Esports’ UK and Ireland Nationals (UKIN) last week.

The team were bested in their first series of the tournament, losing 7-2 to RVMS, leaving them in seventh place with zero points and a minus-five round differential.

However, they bounced back superbly, beating Viridis Galea LFO by seven rounds to five – putting their first three points on the board and sitting them comfortably in mid-table to round out week one of groups.

Their performance was so impressive that their entry, Joshua ‘JJF5’ Fletcher was voted as the MVP for playday two. The player’s 16 kill showing was described as ‘nutty’ by caster Gerrycasts on stream after the match.

“Felt great to know even with rent prices going up I can live in Viridis’s heads rent-free.” JJF5 said.

He described the switch in mentality between the first and second matches and how that led to the improved result, saying: “In the RVMS game we continually let them set the pace. With Viridis we set the pace of the game.”

The team clinched their place at UKIN 2023 after their success in NSE Winter 2022, defeating Exeterrific 2-1 in the Grand-Finals to secure the £500 grand prize and ensure their spot in the Nationals.

The player spoke on what it felt like to qualify, recalling his side’s 2-1 grand finals victory over Exeterrific saying: “It felt great to lower some egos on the Exeterrific side, especially Pogo’s.”

JJF5 also explained the method behind the team’s frequent shuffling of the roster, especially since NSE Winter, jokingly saying: “Cybrr and MaXD play American football on Tuesdays so we tried to find the best gunners we could, unfortunately, we somehow ended up with Secret2K and Tiemoz on the team.”

Competing under the name ‘Staffordshire Pew Pew’, the team are one of only two fully British rosters taking part in the tournament, this is alongside MrJoe’s Disciples, who themselves similarly obtained their spot via NUEL Winter 2022.

Ironically, MrJoe’s Disciples will be Pew Pew’s next opposition in UKIN, with JJF5 confident of their chances going into the matchup: “If we can beat them in NSE finals we can beat them in UKIN.”

Introducing: Staffordshire Pew Pew

The group stage for UKIN 2023 runs weekly from the 10th to the 31st of January, and if Pew Pew manages to pick up some form, they could be in with a chance of making the playoffs - taking place across the 4th and 5th of February.

Success in the playoffs would deliver the team $1,315.65 in prize money and secure themselves a place in Season Two of the Northern Premier League (NPL), an undoubtedly amazing achievement if it were to happen.

JJF5 touched on the prospect, saying: “It felt great to qualify for UKIN, but I won’t be happy until we somehow sneak MaXD into the NPL.”

However, he was also realistic about the challenge, saying: “Pats asleep and Team 86 both being Challenger League teams have basically already secured first and second.”

…third and fourth are up for grabs if we can get three points against Lucendi Gaming.” He added.

Prizing for the tournament is separated between first and fourth place, with the latter two positions securing $263.13 each for the teams that finish there. Second not only secures you a sweet $789.39 but also a final chance for a place in NPL Season Two via the Season One relegation bracket.

If Pew Pew manage to make it there, they could face professional side MnM Gaming’s Academy roster as well as Nordic side Sissi State Punks.

If history is a sign of anything, the sky's the limit for this team. If they can keep up the level of play they showed in their match against Viridis last Tuesday, then who knows what this squad is capable of.

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