NSE Community Refresh


10 months ago

It’s been a little while, but community events are back! NSE has a lot of competitive play, and while that is a key focus, we want to offer some more fun and casual events to the student community.

At the end of each month, we’ll be releasing a schedule of events for the NSE community which will be a mix of esports and more casual games.

These new events are designed as a welcoming and inclusive way to help new students join the NSE community as well as providing existing players a place to try new things in a light-hearted environment.

We've also got a brand new hub for our community events! You can now find it on the left-hand navigation bar.

What you can expect from our community events:

  • Alternative takes on traditional esports:
    e.g. Alternative game modes like 1v1 League/Dota, CSGO Wingman, Rocket League modes etc.

  • NSE Newbie Nights:
    A night dedicated to learning a new esport that you may not have played before in a friendly and welcoming environment with some more experienced players to guide you.

  • Events for women & non-binary members of the community:
    Taking place once a month, these events will be a mix of casual games, esports or NSE Newbie Nights for women and non-binary members of the NSE community.

  • Casual game nights and events:
    e.g. For games that aren’t esports like Among Us, Minecraft, Escape from Tarkov, Animal Crossing etc and also quiz nights.

Do you have an interest in building up your community management and event skills? As part of the community refresh, the community team and moderator team will be merged in Discord. This means we’re looking for new members of our student staff! 

If you’d like to lend a hand on our community nights and help moderate our discord community, please fill out this form. The deadline for applications is the 22nd of October.

“I’m really excited that we’re offering specific events for women and non-binary members of our community. We are creating non-competitive scenarios that allow students to try games at their own pace, where they’ll be guided by more experienced students who are there to help in a friendly and relaxed manner. It’s important for us to try and bring more women and non-binary students into the community, in addition to providing a supportive environment to those already here” - Becky Wright, Community and Social Media Manager.

“We are always looking to find ways to support more games and gaming communities. Often for new games and smaller titles, it’s not possible to get enough players for a full championship season. By extending our community programme we hope to give new players a chance to compete and represent their university!” - Chris Henshaw, Head of League Operations

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for October...

October’s Schedule:

League of Legends Pick'ems
Tuesday 12th October - Sunday 7th November

Have you got what it takes to compete in the League of Legends World Championship? No? Do you know who does? Yes! Then join the NSE Pick’ems Leaderboard. In addition to proving your student oracle status, the competitor with the most points will win a £20 RP prize.


UniRocketeers Winter Cup
Saturday 23rd October - 5pm

An invitational tournament open to the top eight teams from the first week of the Rocket League NSE Winter Championship (four in each region). The tournament will take place at 5pm Saturday 23rd of October. Teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket with the top 2 teams from the bracket qualifying for the UR Winter Cup #1. For more info on the UniRocketeers Winter Cups, click here.


IFoEC Coaching Session
Wednesday 27th October - 2pm

Interested in coaching or looking to sharpen your skills? We’ve teamed up with IFoEC, the education partner of the International Federation of Esports Coaches, to offer two free esports coach development sessions over the 2021/2022 academic year. Sign up for it here.


Women & Non-Binary Event: VALORANT Newbie Night
Wednesday 27th October - 7pm

Always wanted to learn how to play VALORANT or just new to the game and want to practice? Join our game night for women and non-binary members of the NSE community and play with other new players and also a few experienced guides to help show you the ropes! Interested in playing? Message beedub#8692 on Discord.


NSE Halloween Pub Quiz Night
Friday 29th October - 8pm

The NSE Halloween Pub Quiz will take place at 8pm on Friday 29th of October and will feature a mix of general knowledge, gaming and spooky questions. There will be a prize for the winning team, to be announced. We'll also be giving away prizes from Hench's mystery bag on the night! More info here.



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