12th - Hexen - Durham Defenders

12th - Hexen - Durham Defenders

Hexen is Durham’s best player, putting up a monster 1.3 rating and has proved he fits the shoes of the star player role. Hexen also when required steps into the secondary caller role, helping bring his experience and ability to the table, which was a factor in helping them get great wins over Surrey Stags and Back Six in Week 4 of NSE.

Hexen’s really proud of everyone on his team. He gives special credit to the retiring player arbor, who he has played with since 2021, his “favourite teammate in cs ever!”. However, he was overall disappointed with the results compared to last season, having lost one place in the NUSELO ranking and also ending their playoff run in both tournaments earlier than previous. Nonetheless, it was still a fine season with impressive wins and the development of Durham Defenders’ up and coming IGL, Alex. Hexen is very impressed with Alex’s improvement and thinks he has great potential. Whilst he “lacks commitment to the game, he has a knack for understanding the game… …and just needs an extra push to become a great player”. This is really reflected by the results, with alex having a 0.98 rating which is good for an IGL, and an impressive 86.49% KAST% in won rounds. Whilst Durham Defenders is definitely defined by Hexen, it will be interesting to see how this new talent develops.

I asked Hexen about how Durham has helped himself and the team get to the position they're in. Hexen thinks that Durham’s programme of loaning out gaming laptops has been great, and has been a major help as everyone on the first team has benefited from it. He’s also going dip his feet in to help Durham by releasing some educational videos for some of Durham’s lower levels to try and help them improve.

Hexen aspires to go on to win NSE & NUEL. While the current University CS era is extremely tough with a lot of competitive teams, Durham has often shown the ability to challenge and with a strong society, upcoming talent and Hexen at the helm, it's definitely not impossible. One to watch for the future.