11th - cheva - podbots

11th - cheva - podbots

I gave cheva a bit of a fright by contacting him weeks after I contacted the rest of his team because I forgot him, so I will start with my sincere apologies. Cheva’s game impact is far from forgetful though, a 1.18 rating, 73.4% KAST% and an entry record second only to Conzor. Cheva is currently one of the best support riflers in University CS, and has really proved himself after getting promoted to the first team last season. Cheva has an almost cult-like following at Southampton, with the masses of “I<3Kai” and Ting feigning over him. But, Kai isn't this ethereal person Ting makes him out to be and is simply a nice guy and a teammate you’d like to have both in and out of the server. Unlike some on his team, he also gets pistol kills…

Kai is very happy with the season, having exceeded their goals and winning the only championship LAN in the academic year. He thinks they have drastically improved from last season, with improved team play and communication accredited to their experience in ESEA open, leading to them having more varied approaches to win matches and greatly improving consistency.

Kai considers his best of the match to be the NUEL semi-final against aimbridge, dropping 42 kills across two maps, helping secure themself a spot in the grand final. His toughest match was the grand final against KCL lions where he felt absolutely locked down, a testament to KCL’s ability where when they're on form they are unstoppable.

Kai is very happy with his own personal improvement and has really enjoyed the opportunity to play with great players. He thinks the best talent at Southampton is Ting and he will “for sure gonna be a 4k demon soon”

Kai looks forward to seeing how players will adapt to the change from GO to CS2. If podbots stay together as a team for winter he will be trying to pick up what he can from the talents on his team and see if they can stomp the season as CS2 chaos occurs. Kai’s very happy and is very content with his accomplishments. An impressive career from one of Southampton’s homegrown talents.