Teamfight Tactics Pringles Points - Pringles Stay in the Game Week 3


03/07/2023 @ 12:00
10/07/2023 @ 23:59
Discord - jordyunknown



Welcome to Week 3 of our Pringles Stay in the Game challenges!

Earn Pringles points by completing several different TFT-based challenges over the week. From simply winning a ranked game to 3 starring a 5-cost, battle against your fellow uni little legends to collect the most points and bring it home.

Starts: Monday 3rd July
Ends: Monday 10th July
Point submissions close: Wednesday 12th July
Open to: Students and alumni

1st Place: 1x Pringles Gaming Kit

How to enter:

Earn points by completing several different TFT challenges across the week, each challenge will have varying levels of difficulty, see an example of the tiers below and their associated points.

1 point - Bronze - Come top 4 in any game mode
3 points - Silver - Come 1st in any game mode
6 points - Gold - End the game with 10 unit board
10 points - Platinum - Win with only 3 costs or less
25 points - Diamond - Get a 3-star legendary

Use this Google Sheet to see all challenges and track your progress

Use this Google Form to submit your points

We've got 8 weeks full of Pringles Stay in the Game challenges, find them all here to get ready or get signed up!


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