NSE Are Streaming GameBlast 2022!


All of them and more!
26/02/2022 @ 13:00
27/02/2022 @ 22:00
Becky: beedub#8692 or Harry: DocDa#6646

GameBlast is back for 2022, where gamers can help make a difference by donating to Special Effect to bring gaming to those who need it. Needless to say, we will be getting heavily involved! As the GameBlast will be a two day event, running from Friday 25th - Sunday 27th February, we will be running a stream over on our twitch channel ( from the Saturday until the end of the event.


Over the course of the event, we'll have a variety of games and content pieces for you, from a host of different societies across the country. If you want your society to be one of the ones featured, then please get in touch (contact either Becky or Harry, at beedub#8692 and DocDa#6646, respectively).


For more information about the GameBlast, and how to get your society set up to help donate, check out our article with all the details!