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Welcome to the University of Manchester!

Welcome to the NSE's page for the University of Manchester's Esports Society! It is one of the first and largest dedicated esports societies in the UK and we welcome gamers who are passionate about esports, regardless of their culture, background or game interests. We strive to provide our members with the best opportunities and experiences when engaging with the society by facilitating the various esport communities here at the University of Manchester. This is done through providing online and offline platforms for our members to meet fellow esports enthusiasts as well as organising activities for our members to engage in.


What we do:

We look to provide members with many opportunities to engage with the society. Alongside organising tryouts and fielding official teams for national inter-university leagues and tournaments, we organise in-house community events for our members and larger scale events for the wider esports scene in the UK such as our reputable King of the North Gaming Festival. We also aim to facilitate members looking to make a future career within the esports industry - whether that be through playing, production talent or management.


Looking to get involved?

Regardless of your capabilities at your favourite esports titles - we provide countless opportunities to get involed with those titles. Such opportunities include organising community game nights, LAN parties and viewing parties for major international tournaments. For those interested in a career in esports, we provide opportunities for casters and producers through our official and community livestreams as well as the opportunity to learn employable skills through being on the society's orginising committee!


Stay connected with us!

Check out the links below to join us and stay up to date with what we do as a society!