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Welcome to SHSU Esports Society!

We're a group of likeminded students, who want to compete and socialise through video games. Our main focus is competitive multiplayer games, but don't feel put off if that's not your sort of thing, there's plenty of members in the same boat as you.

What we do:

▪ Compete in UK university leagues for a wide variety of games

▪ Run regular socials for our members to meet up and have a laugh over drinks and games

▪ Run events such as viewing parties for major esports tournaments

▪ Organise LAN events and in-house tournaments for those who want to get even more involved in the society

▪ Provide support and feedback for those who want to go into esports coaching and casting

Games we compete in:

▪ League of Legends

▪ Overwatch

▪ Counter Strike: Global Offensive

▪ DOTA 2

▪ Rainbow 6: Siege

▪ PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

▪ Rocket League

▪ Hearthstone

▪ Various fighting games

Starting this year we will be making a push to make SHSU Esports the best society we can be. To take part and stay up to date, follow our social links below, and for membership go to our Students Union page.



Championship Division Dota 2

2019 Spring Championship

Championship Bracket CS:GO

2019 Spring Championship

Regional Champion Rocket League

Regional League 2019 Spring Championship

National League Rocket League

2018 Winter Championships

3rd Place Division 3 Dota 2

2018 Winter Championship

3rd Place Division 3 CS:GO

2018 Winter Championship