About Us

We are Leeds Beckett's core video gaming society, we have amateur e-sports teams for all major games for which we have a community including League of Legends, CSGO and Overwatch. While these are the only ones we have right now we also are very welcoming to any other games we do not have a scene for if the members call for it.

We host other, more light hearted events for other games such as a monthly Super Smash Brothers tournament with some small prizes as well as soceity nights where we plan to play party games such as Jackbox Party Pack, Mario Kart and others! If you want any game to be featured at a night or for us to host a tournament about it, the admin team are just a message away!

We hope to go into the next season with a bolder aproach to e-sports and hope we can grow our soceity for the coming years, so if you have that competitive spirit, make sure you sign up via facebook or come see us at our Fresher's Fair each year!


Top 8 League of Legends

Challenger Division 2019 Spring Championship

2nd Place Regional Playoffs League of Legends

2018 Winter Championship