About Us

Welcome to the Cardiff Crusader Esports page! 

We're a newly formed branch of the good ol' Cardiff Gaming Society that focuses on esports events and tournaments across the UK.

Our teams have participated in TheNUEL as well as NSE on all different levels of play! We'll have a spot for you to play regardless of skill level!

Interested in joining the community? Start with the discord!

Crusader Esports - https://discord.gg/5huVN7n

Cardiff Gaming Society - https://discord.gg/Ucx2KnK

Want to join the society? - https://www.cardiffstudents.com/activities/society/computergaming/


Challenger Division Dota 2

2018 Winter Championship
Notable Alumni

Andy "Vedius" Day

EU LCS Shoutcaster

Psychology (12-15)