Welcome to the homepage for the UFG, the first ever UK university fighting game league! Partnering with NSE and featuring multiple games, we aim to produce a competitive online environment for university students in the UK, to allow for the development of the scene and its players as a combined body. We also encourage content production, discussion, and a nationwide community of like-minded competitors. We will be using this page for all UFG related news, and to host the official league tables for each game of the season!

Last year, we launched our Discord community (now over 450 members!), and began running online events for Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat, Smash Ultimate, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth and more. Then, at the beginning of 2019, we took our first step up and hosted our own Winter Season split, complete with prizes. This was a great debut for us, and we went on to host a more ambitious Summer Split, with events for every game in the EVO 2019 lineup in our very own UFGvo!

2020 Spring Season

For our third main season, we will be hosting weekly online tournaments for each fighting game, beginning in Febuary (week commencing 10/02/2020) for 5 weeks, with week 6 being a Last Chance Qualifier for the Top 8 tournaments taking place on week 7. Over the course of this period, players placing for a particular game will earn points which are added to their totals for that game's table. These tournaments will be double elimination format, and the Winner and Runner-up for each game will receive a special prize, as well as the coveted title of UFG Champion!

Our competition will be open to any and all students with an NSE account, so good luck! We will bring future updates closer to the time, alongsides the league tables for each game, so check back soon! You can also join our Discord community for more information here:




  1. If you don’t have an NSE account, sign up with your University email and complete the verification process. If your profile doesn’t register you as a student when it should, contact @hench#2483 or email
  2. Head to the UFG Homepage at then select the game(s) you’re entering and click Register. This will enter you into the NSE system.
  3. Each week, a Challonge bracket will be hosted to run the tournament from. Register an account here:
  4. Keep an eye out for the weekly post releasing the Challonge bracket, and sign up to the weekly tournaments there!