Rainbow 6 Siege Summer League

Rainbow Six Siege

4 Weeks Swiss League
Top 4 Elimination




To check in, find matches and submit results please visit https://tournaments.nse.gg/

Rainbow 6 Siege Summer will be split into 2 stages running for a total of 6 weeks.

Stage 1 - League Stage

During the league stage pairings will be decided using the Swiss system. In the first round teams will be paired randomly then in subsequent rounds teams will be paired to play a team with the same or similar number of games won. During the Swiss stage each team will play two Bo1 matches per week.

Stage 2 - Playoffs

The 4 teams with the most points in the Swiss stage will qualify for the Bo3 Semifinals with the winners advancing to Finals.

1st Place 5x Summer Winners Jersey
2nd Place 5x £20 Amazon Vouchers

Rules Summary

All players must have been students during 2019/20 academic year from the same university.

Teams must have at least 5 players

Teams will play in the 6-round Role Swap format, consisting of 6 rounds attack then swapping to 6 rounds of defence with the winning team being the first to win 7 rounds. If the score is 6-6 in a bo1 then a 3-round overtime begins to decide the winner.

The League will also feature the Operator/Map ban phase and 6th pick as seen in Faceit with the following maps being in the pool:

Club House



Kafe Dostoyevsky


Theme Park


Ace and Melusi are banned from play until further notice

- The whitelisted cosmetics are as follows:
● Pilot Program 1 & 2 skins
● Pro League Gold sets
● Default skins

all other operator skins are not to be used in accordance with the higher R6 leagues also adopting this rule

Players are expected to uphold the NSE Code of Conduct whilst competing in this tournament

All decisions regarding the interpretation and enforcement of these rules is at the sole discretion of the NSE Admin Team, whose decisions are final.
These rules may be amended, changed or supplemented when required by the NSE Admin Team to ensure fair play and competitive integrity.

Date Stage
16th July 7pm

Week 1 Swiss

23rd July 7pm Week 2 Swiss
30th July 7pm Week 3 Swiss
6th August 7pm Week 4 Swiss
13th August 4pm Semifinals and Finals