PUBG Mobile Campus Championship

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Week 1 Qualifier
Week 2-6 Top 16




The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship will run from March 5th for six weeks until April 6th. Qualifiers will take place during the first week, where we will be finding the Top 16 university teams, who will then go onto compete in the Campus Championship.

The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship will be broadcast on every Monday after the qualifiers, more news to be shared on this shortly!

If you would like to play but need help finding other players at your university please join our discord and get the PUBG Mobile role and we will help put you in contact.

Prize Breakdown (Per Team)
Each team who qualifies for top 16 will also receive 4 PUBG Mobile swag packs

1st £1000 + a slot in the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020
2nd £750
3rd £600
4th £450
5th £300
6th £300
7th £300
8th £300
9th £150
10th £150
11th £150
12th £150
13th £100
14th £100
15th £100
16th £100

Due to size cap of main tournament the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship will be awarding points using NSE Points Cup distribution.


All players must be current students attending the same Academic Institution.
Teams must consist of 4 to 6 players

All games must be played on handheld mobile devices. Tablets and emulators are not allowed.

Teams must be in lobby for 10 minutes before first game is scheduled to start. If teams arrive later than this they may be subject to penalty.

Teams in top 16 must attend 80% of games to be eligible for prizes

Offensive player and team names are not allowed.

Verbal abuse is not allowed. In particular any use of racist, sexist, homophobic or any other discriminatory language will lead to a minimum 3 week suspension.

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
Game Mode:TPP
Team Size: 4 players
Number of Teams per Tournament Game: 16


Scoring for each Tournament Game will be based on each Team’s final kill count
and in-game placement as set forth below.

Scoring System
1 Kill = 1 point
End-Game Placement Points

1st 20
2nd 14
3rd 10
4th 8 
5th 7 
6th 6
7th 5 
8th 4 
9th 3
10th 2
11th 1
12th 1
13th 1
14th 1
15th 1
16th 1

Each week teams will play 4 matches starting at 7pm.

Date Stage
Sunday 1st March - Midnight Sign-ups close
Monday 2nd March Qualifiers
Monday 9th March Top 16
Monday 16th March Top 16
Monday 23rd March Top 16
Monday 30th March
Top 16
Monday 6th April Top 16