CS:GO to Cologne Tournament

Counter-Strike 2
Saturday 15th July

Single Elimination


Please visit https:/ to view fixtures


NSE & Intel are excited to introduce a last farewell to CS:GO tournament... CS:GO to Cologne!

Grab your teammates and get grinding because you and your team could win a premium trip to IEM Cologne 2023. 

Every game will be key as the tournament will be single elimination and held all in one day on the 15th of July with winner takes all.

Key Dates:

  • CS:GO to Cologne Tournament - 15th July
  • IEM Cologne - August 4th-6th
  • Flights - August 4th-7th

1st Place Prizing:
All prizing is for a team of five.

  • Premium Three-Day Ticket to IEM Cologne 2023
  • Return flights to Cologne including travel to and from the airport
  • Hotel
  • Food budget

Entry & Prize Requirements:

  • You must be available to travel to Cologne (Germany) on Friday 4th August, returning Monday 7th August
  • You must have a valid in-date passport expiring no earlier than the 10th November 2023
  • You must be a current UK university student or graduating this year
  • In the event of winning the tournament, you cannot transfer prizing to another person


  • All players must be current students from the same university. 
  • Teams must have at least 5 players.
  • If teams are more than 20 minutes late they will forfeit a map.
  • Check-in deadline is 12:30pm. Teams who don't check-in will not get games.
  • Offensive player and team names are not allowed.
  • Verbal abuse is not allowed. In particular any use of racist, sexist, homophobic or any other discriminatory language will lead to a minimum 3-week suspension.
  • All games should be played on the servers provided. Complete server settings can be found in the full rules.
  • Custom player models are not allowed.
  • The following in-game overlays are authorised, all others are forbidden:
    • cl_showpos 1
    • cl_showfps 1
    • net_graph 1
    • cl_showdemooverlay 1 / -1
  • Using pause during a round is forbidden (freezetime and once a round has been concluded does not count as during).
  • Teams are allowed four 30 second tactical pauses per map. Teams may also pause to resolve technical issues.
  • Teams may use coach spectator slot on the server. Coaches must be from the same university as players.
  • Jump + Throw grenade binds are allowed.

Map Veto - Best of Three

The Home Team (team on left) can elect to be Team A or Team B within the following process:

  1. Team A bans 1 map
  2. Team B bans 1 map
  3. Team A picks the map for game 1 and Team B has side choice
  4. Team B picks the map for game 2 and Team A has side choice
  5. Team B bans 1 map
  6. Team A picks the third map and Team B has side choice

Map Veto - Best of One

The Home Team (team on left) can elect to be Team A or Team B within the following process:

  • Starting with Team A, teams take turns to veto one map until only one map remains.
  • Choice of side starting side will be determined by a knife round.

Players are expected to uphold the NSE Code of Conduct whilst competing in this tournament.

All matches will be run using the current active duty map pool.

All decisions regarding the interpretation and enforcement of these rules is at the sole discretion of the NSE Admin Team, whose decisions are final.
These rules may be amended, changed or supplemented when required by the NSE Admin Team to ensure fair play and competitive integrity.

Final Schedule will be confirmed once signups close. Depending on signups there will be 4-7 games including finals

Time Round
12:30pm Check-in closes
1:00pm Captains meeting
1:15pm Round 1
2:15pm Round 2
8:00pm Expected End Time