Beat Saber University League

Beat Saber
Qualifiers Close 20th Nov

Week 1 (11th Nov- 20th Nov): Qualifiers 
Week 2/3 (21st Nov- 4th Dec): Group Stages
Week 4/5 (5th Dec - 11th): Playoffs & Finals

During group stages there will be 2 divisions.
Division 1 will be single player, Division 2 will be team based.


Online - Discord


Beat Saber matches are streamed on Wednesdays on the BS_UL channel during group stages and playoffs.

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Beat Saber University League (BSUL) is split into 3 stages

After signing up players are required to submit qualifying scores. Details on how to submit scores can be found in the BSUL Discord.

Group Stage
Players will be split into 2 divisions based on qualifying scores. In division 1 player will play as individuals . In division 2 players will be organised into teams, In both divisions players will play matches against other players.


The top players from group stage will qualify for playoffs.


The tournament is run by BSUL.

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Rules Summary

  • All players must be current university students
  • Players signup solo but will be organised into teams after qualifiers
  • The map pool will be sent to players by admins before each stage
  • You must be able to stream your matches onto discord/ twitch
  • If a map ends in a draw, it will be replayed
  • Mod Guidelines:
    • Banned Mods: Intro Skip, Note Slice Visualizer, Song Chart Visualizer, AccDot, NoteCutGuide, any mod/plugin that affects scoring ability, any mod/plugin that disables score submission and any mod that shows significant extra map information.
    • Required Mods: Camera2 and Tournament Assistant for Finals
    • Most mods are allowed if in doubt please contact admin team.
    • Not having the required mods can result in penalties
    • If you are unsure about something communicate with the admins beforehand

Qualifier Rules

After signups all player will be required to submit qualifying scores via the BSUL Discord. This will be verified using the Tournament Assistant Mod.

Qualifier stage will consist of 4 maps played on no-fail game mode.

Group Stage + Playoffs Rules

Group stage will be split into 2 divisions.

Division 1: Each match will be a 1v1 with the highest score winning the map

Division 2: Each match will be a 2v2. Two players from each team play the same map, and the scores of each player will be summed with the highest summed score winning the map. Teams in division 2 will be required to form teams with other players who competed in qualifer.

Instances where players’ scores will be deemed a 0:

      • If a player somehow disconnects, fails, or exits the song it will be considered as a score of 0
      • If a player plays the wrong map or difficulty it will be considered as a score of 0
      • If a player pauses they have 1-2 seconds to immediately unpause and continue before their score is considered a 0.

Players may request a single game replay per match. These must be called immediately after a map is played. 

If a map ends in a draw, it will be replayed


Terminology HB = Higher seed ban, LB = Lower seed ban, HP = Higher seed pick, LP = Lower seed pick.

        Best of 7’s will be run as follows:

      • There will be Y maps total in the pool 
      • Order: HB, LB, LP, HP, LB, HB, HP, LP… Leftover/Tiebreaker
    •  Best of 9’s will be run as follows:
      • There will be Z maps total in the pool
      • Order: HB, LB, LP, HP, LB, HB, HP, LP… Leftover/Tiebreaker

Qualifiers Close 20th Nov
During qualifiers players must record 4 games and submit scores before deadline.

Team Deadline 23rd Nov
Players in division 2 must confirm team with admins in discord. Admins will help find teams for solo players.

Group Stage (23rd Nov- 4th Dec):
During group Stages players must organise and play game before Sunday 6pm. If players cannot agree a time they matches must be played on Sunday at 6pm.

Playoffs & Finals (5th Dec - 11th):
Playoffs games will be played at a time agreed with admins.