BUSR GT3 Spring League

Assetto Corsa Competizione

8 Events (see schedule)

Event Start (Race 1 Qualifying) - 7:00pm

3 min end of Quali

3 min grid

Races – 2x 45 minute races, no mandatory stops.


British University Sim Racing welcomes you to the 2021 GT3 Spring League. Race other students at all skills levels, in a variety of events and classes! Be sure to join the BUSR discord at for information on all events as well as details about this League and to take part.

The BUSR GT3 Spring League consists of 8 events, one per week starting on the 8th of February:

  1. Monza
  2. Brands Hatch
  3. Misano
  4. Suzuka
  5. Hungaroring
  6. Zolder
  7. Spa-Francorchamps
  8. Kyalami

BUSR GT Spring League is a NSE affiliate tournament so in addition to other prizes this tournament awards British University Esports League Points.

Registration and Eligibility:
Only current students are allowed to participate


Only GT3s are able to participate.


Custom Liveries:

-          The use of custom liveries will be permitted. If a driver is to make a livery, it is advised to use an in-game custom livery as the base, to allow drivers who don’t choose to download liveries to recognise the car.

-          The deadline for liveries at the beginning of the season will be the Friday before the first round. Liveries submitted after this time will not be added to the downloadable liveries folder, and will not be on stream

-          Driver’s are only allowed to change their livery once per season at the Friday before the fifth round of the season.

-          Profanity, explicit content, political messages or any other content deemed inappropriate by the stewards are not allowed on liveries.


General Rules:

-          Drivers may not join the server once qualifying has started.

-          Do not use the in-game chat once qualifying has started (all the way till the last driver finishes the race)

-          Once the first race has ended, return to the briefing channel for updates on the second race server.

-          Respect everyone in the prerace briefing and stop talking if the Race Directors start talking.

-          Rage quitting will not be tolerated, please give sufficient notice to the Race Directors

-          Race Directors can ask drivers to retire if their internet connections are insufficient.

-          To be eligible for points at the end of the race drivers need to complete at least 75% of the number of laps the leader has completed.

-          Drivers are expected to attend all races in the season.

-          If you cannot attend a race, you must withdraw from the event on The SimGrid website.

-          If you need to leave the league midway through for any reason please contact the Race Directors.


Racing Rules:

-          Drivers should always race cleanly and no contact with other drivers should be made at any time.

-          Do not overtake too aggressively. Avoid contact at all costs.

-          Defend cleanly. Actions such as excessive weaving will not be tolerated.

-          At least 2 tyres should stay within track limits at all times.

-          Do not impede other drivers hot laps during qualifying. Slower cars on a hot lap do not need to yield to the faster car.

-          Using the in-game spotter, external Crew Chief and/or in-game proximity radar is highly encouraged to avoid collisions.

-          If you go off track, only re-join in a manner that is safe and does not jeopardise another driver’s race.

-          During qualifying, cars on a hot lap have priority on a car leaving the pits.

-          During the race, cars leaving the pits have priority on a car on track.

-          When a yellow flag is shown, slow down at proceed with caution through that sector.

-          When a blue flag is shown, no defending is allowed. Only yield your position once the lapping car has started its overtaking move.

-          Respect all flags and follow the instructions given by the game and Race Director(s).

-          Do not cross pit entry and exit lines when entering and exiting the pits respectively.

-          Make sure to have your pit limiter key bound so you do not get penalised for speeding in the pits.

-          During adverse weather or night running, drivers need to make sure that they have functioning rain and headlights.

-          If you need to use the “Return to Garage” function, only do it when safely off the track on a runoff.


Rules are not final and will be subject to change.
Last updated 06-01-2021 2215

8 Main Events + Shakedown race (Optional)


Monza 08-02-2021
Brands Hatch 15-02-2021
Misano 22-02-2021
Suzuka 01-03-2021
Hungaroring 08-03-2021
Zolder 15-03-2021
Spa-Francorchamps 22-03-2021


Shakedown Race – 01-02-2021 

Track TBC



Briefing - 6:45pm

Event Start (Race 1 Qualifying) - 7:00pm

3 min end of Quali

3 min grid


Races – 2x 45 minute races, no mandatory stops.

Points Systems: TBC

TBC Points for fastest lap.