BUSR F1 Spring League

F1 2020

Week 0: Qualifier 
Weeks 1-8 Race Format: Short Qualifying 50% Race 




Qualifying Day 6th of February, info on the BUSR Discord 
The BUSR F1 Spring League consists of 8 events, one per week starting on the 13th of February: 

Qualifying Night Format (Seeding): 

  • 30-minute practice session 
  • F1 2020 
  • Players allocated lobby randomly 
  • Track: Spain 
  • Seeding determined based on Pace and awareness for others. 

Race Format: 

  • Points allocated based on what tier you’re in as shown in the BUSR discord along with the fastest lap point. 
  • Elo adjusted based on finishing position and safety with other drivers. 
  • Small boost in Elo for Fastest lap. 
  • Relegation/promotion based on Elo. 
  • Allocated F1 car via 1st and Middle seedings and so on. 

British University Sim Racing welcomes you to the 2021 F1 Spring Championship. Race other students at all skill levels and compete for top-spot.  
Be sure to join the BUSR discord at http://busr.gg/discord for information on all events as well as details about this championship. 

BUSR F1 Spring League is a NSE affiliate tournament so addition to other prizes this tournament awards British University Esports Championship Points.

Registration and Eligibility: 

  • Drivers should state their in-game name and car number on registration 
  • In-game names should not include profanity or political messages or anything else considered inappropriate by the stewards 
  • Only current students may participate (no alumni) 
  • No change of names throughout season. 


Race Day: 

  • Briefing will start at 1845 (6:45pm) 
  • A maximum wait time of 5 mins is allowed for people running late. It is urged to notify the race organiser in the case that you (the driver) are running late 
  • In the case of lobby failures/ crashes, only TWO attempts will be made to rehost before the race is cancelled/postponed 
  • Do not press start when on the grid. Give drivers 60 seconds. Drivers who do not comply will receive penalties (5 second time penalty). 



  • Pit and Pit Release assists are not allowed 
  • Braking, fuel, ERS and DRS assists are not allowed 
  • The rest of the assists are allowed 



  • Drivers attend briefing with any questions 
  • Not mandatory to be in VC during race. 
  • Optional debriefing post-race 


Racing Rules: 

  • Drivers are encouraged to record their races. This is to allow for easy investigation of incidents by the stewards 
  • Blocking other driver’s hot laps is not tolerated 
  • Do not retire on track. Retire in PITS 
  • Keep overtakes and defending clean 
  • No excessive weaving 
  • If you go off only re-join the track if it safe to do so 
  • On a blue flag, allow the lapping driver behind you to pass without impeding their race 
  • Drivers who overtake during a yellow flag are expected to yield their position back to the overtaken driver 
  • Collisions and forcing drivers to take evasive actions will not be tolerated 


Rules are not final and will be subject to change. 


Last updated 05-01-2021 20:30 


Qualifying Night Format: 

  • 30-minute practice session
  • F1 2020 Cars (random allocation) 
  • Players allocated a lobby on random choice
  • Track:Spain 
  • Seeding determined based on Pace and awareness for others.
    8 Races (see schedule) 

Race Format: 

Short Qualifying 

50% Race 

  • Points allocated based on what tier you’re in as shown in the BUSR discord along with the fastest lap point.
  • Elo adjusted based on finishing position and safety with other drivers.
  • Small boost in Elo for Fastest lap.
  • Relegation/promotion based on Elo.
  • Car choice based off Eloand will change as Elo position changes. 


Game settings: 

  • Category:F1 2020 
  • Car performance:EQUAL 
  • Starting grid:QUALIFYING ORDER 
  • Qualifying: 18MINUTES 
  • AI level:70 
  • Collisions:ON 
  • Damage: FULL
  • Ghosting:ON 
  • Car Setup: FULL
  • Safety Car:ON 
  • Rules and Flags:ON 
  • Corner cutting: STRICT
  • Time of day: OFFICIAL
  • Parc Fermé:ON 
  • Formation Lap:ON 
  • Race starts: MANUAL
  • Tyre Temperature: SURFACE & CARCASS
  • Braking Assist: NOT ALLOWED
  • Gearbox:ANY 
  • Pit assist: NOT ALLOWED
  • Pit release Assist: NOT ALLOWED
  • Racing Line:ALLOWED 
  • ERS Assist:OFF 
  • DRS assist:OFF 
  • Fuel assist:OFF 

Qualifying Day 6th of February, info on the BUSR Discord

Main Season

13th Feb Week 1: United Kingdom

20th Feb Week 2: Bahrain 

27th Feb Week 3: Italy 

6th Mar Week 4: Netherlands 

13th Mar Week 5: Vietnam 

20th Mar Week 6: Canada 

27th Mar Week 7: Japan 

3rd Apr Week 8: United Arab Emirates 

Events consist of qualifying followed by the race.