Women & Non-Binary Tournaments and Events



We've taken the summer to decide on our plan for the NSE Women & Non-Binary community and our activities and tournaments based on the feedback we got from the Spring season. Here are our plans for the Women & Non-Binary community and activities for autumn and winter!

Updated: A-Level Results Day - All Stars
As you've seen from our A-Level Results Day announcement, the NSE University All Stars is going ahead as it does every year, but with a new addition! As well as our open VALORANT and Rocket League tournaments,  we've added a new Women & Non-Binary VALORANT All Stars tournament into the mix. All Stars tournaments are mixed university teams who represent UK regions. e.g. VALORANT will have a team from the north and a team from the south. Sign up for it here!

New: Winter Women & Non-Binary All Stars
As well as our All Stars on A-Level Results Day, we'll be creating a new All Stars date to the calendar specifically for the Women & Non-Binary Community towards the end of our Winter term. Final dates and details are to be confirmed, but this will sit outside of the main BUEC season and will be for VALORANT, League of Legends and also for Overwatch 2. This will be teams made up of students from mixed universities and representing UK regions.

Updated: British University Esports Championship
We will continue VALORANT, Overwatch 2 and League of Legends tournaments for the Women and Non-Binary community which earn BUEC points, but instead of them taking place over one day like before, we will move them to take place over two days, most likely on consecutive weekends due to the feedback we received about the 2022/2023 academic year. These will continue to be single-university teams to tie in with the rest of the BUEC tournaments. There also may be a chance we add to the list of esports titles due to esports titles changing in demand.

Continuing: Community Events
Each month, we run a Women & Non-Binary community event for games and game modes that sit outside of BUEC. These will continue to be once a month and if there's something specific that the community would like, please let us know!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feedback is always welcome. Either email us at or message a member of staff on Discord.

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