The FIFA 20 Winter Championship has kicked off

Welcome to the FIFA 20 NSE Winter Championship, where many of you are competing and looking out for hopefuls trying to make it all the way to the grand final. This is the first FIFA 20 Competition of the year, ready to showcase a lot of talent from all the gaming you’ve got in around freshers! We will be talking about the format in use for the FIFA competitions for both Xbox and PlayStation, alongside the standout performers from week 1 of the competition. It will be a great first FIFA championship of the new season and week 1 has not disappointed, you don’t want to miss those building a name for themselves and who performed exceptionally this week!

The Format

The start of the FIFA 20 Winter Championships occurred on the 24th October and will be carried out over a series of 6 game weeks, with the Grand finals on the 7/8th December. All game weeks occur on a Thursday apart from the grand finals. Game weeks 1 to 4 will be a qualification process to determine the top players who will participate in the Groups and Playoffs. This process is done using a swiss style format structure to determine the top players to progress over the first 4 weeks. During Game weeks 1 to 4 each player will play in 5 matches however, if they experience 2 losses then they will not be able play any more games that week and will have to wait until the following week to participate again. In week 5 we will move to the Play offs which will consist of a group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. During this the top players will compete at a high level, leaving the top 2 Xbox players and the top 2 PlayStation players who will progress to the Grand Finals in week 6. These four players will attend live semi-finals with a 2-legged match, one game to be played on each console. The two winners will then compete in the live Grand Final to win the NSE FIFA 20 Winter Championship. 

The rules for each competition are can be found in the links below:




Check out this outrageous goal from Aaron Kelly.

Players to Watch

After a very competitive first week of FIFA, it seems UCFB are the University to beat. Two unbeaten players took week 1 by storm, finishing on 5 wins and 0 losses, Charlie Jenkinson (Play Station 4) and Tommy Miller (Xbox One) are the clear stand out performers. Both topped the standings going into week 2 putting them in a great position to reach the week 5 play offs. Not only did UCFB have the top player from each console, they also had two players obtain 4 wins and 1 loss with Ben Bishop and Louis Reeves performing exceptionally. A mention to all those who finished with only 1 loss, make sure to keep an eye on Mike Beardsley, George Cork and Kieran Howard on Xbox and Sam Greenfield, Brandon Fuge, Mark Brown, Harry Williams, NFG and UniOfLincoln on PlayStation. Will someone new surprise us in week 2, or will Charlie Jenkinson and Tommy Miller dominate again? A great first week to the NSE FIFA 20 Winter Championship and it will only get better. Make sure to follow this tournament as it won’t disappoint. A lot of great players are on show competing at the highest level. Remember to check the progress of the tournament on our website and support the players. Week 1 may be done but it’s only the beginning. Who will come out on top?



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