September 2023 Society of the Month - Bournemouth University Esports



Our September Society of the Month is the Bournemouth University Esports - Congratulations!

We chose Bournemouth University Esports because of their incredible Freshers Fair setup and how great their coverage of the event was. We got the opportunity to talk to the President of BU Esports "mel" and find out more about how their Freshers Fair went. Here's what she had to say:

Your Freshers Fair stall looked great! How did it go?/Did you have fun?"
"Freshers was super exciting! It was my first as esports president but we had so many new people sign up and they loved the free NSE swag, especially the monster."

What was your favourite moment from your Freshers Fair?
"My favourite part of freshers fair was being able to connect in person with previous and newly joined society members and see how passionate everyone is about esports."

Now that your Freshers is over, what can we expect next from BU Esports?
"Now freshers is over we are working on a re-brand of our society and taking action on our manifesto to bring socials online for those who may be limited to meeting on campus. As well as this I'm wanting to take charge on encouraging more women and non-binary players to compete and represent Bournemouth."

BU Esports also provided an incredible video, showcasing their Stall and a very special visitor they received... Take a look!

We'd like to offer a huge congratulations to Bournemouth University Esports, we hope everyone else's Freshers Fairs have been as successful as theirs!

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