Say hello to the NSE admin team!



As you probably already know if you are involved in our tournaments, we hire freelance admins to help us run our competitions.

We would like to welcome our two new admins joining the team this summer: 

Rainbow 6: Ollie “ozone” McFerran
Ollie will be graduating from Bangor University on the 5th of July, where he was the previous Esports Manager of the university's gaming society.

Contact him on Discord @ozone#3348.

Rocket League: Talia “fr0st” Hurell 
She is a second-year computer science student at Loughborough University and the Esports Coordinator for the Video Games and Esports Society.

Contact her on Discord @sigmoyd#2001.


Here’s also a little bit about our already existing admins:

TFT: Ben “Ben” Brazier (ben)#6587
They went to the Royal Holloway University, where they were the president of the games society. They are now looking to start a master's degree in September, so we may see them playing back in BUEC soon!

Contact them on Discord @(ben)#6587.

Smash: Benjamin "Bengus" Allman
Ben is from the University of East Anglia, where he is the Esports Coordinator for the video game society. He is a very active member of the competitive Smash community by not only being a high-level player but also doing tournament operations and casting.

Contact him on Discord @Bengus#3665.

Valorant/CS:GO: Tom “Macphet” Macpherson 
Tom went to De Montfort University and now works primarily as a Tournament Admin/Player Manager and has worked on lots of great events over the years. He has been a part of the NSE team for almost 3 years, so you probably know him if you’ve been in the community for a while.

Contact him on Discord @Macphet#5309.

League of Legends: Daria “Faebulous” Ionita
Daria will be graduating from the University of Essex with a degree in Psychology. She was the vice president of the Essex Video Game Society and previously managed a semi-professional League of Legends team. She is also our new Social Media and Community intern!

Contact her on Discord @Faebulous#4395.

CS:GO: Finn "Finn" Farrer
Finn is the current CS:GO Rep for the Nottingham GameSoc and also does admin work for UKIC and Epic.LAN.

Contact him on Discord @Finn#5212.

Halo: Alex “Reed” Reed
Alex graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of York and is now a freelance Halo and CS:GO admin, as well as the founder of the University Halo Chamber League in Spring 2022. He also likes to help out with LGBTQ+ related events when he has the time.

Contact him on Discord @Reed#5464.

Overwatch: Matthew “Rinqed” Payne
He went to the University of Bath, currently works at and is also in the top 200 chess players in the UK after having played for over 20 years. He is also a freelance tournament admin who's worked for multiple organisations including NSE, Insomnia, ESL UK, BEA on various titles, but mostly Overwatch.

Contact him on Discord @Rinqed#6320.

Dota 2: Jordan "WishyWashy" Betts
Jordan graduated in 2021 from Swansea University. He is the Dota Rep and did a bit of freelancing while at university and is now a junior developer.

Contact him on Discord @WishyWashy#5280.



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