Reporting Harassment or Inappropriate Behaviour



In light of the recent allegations in the esports and gaming community, we are implementing a visible policy on how we will manage reports of harassment and inappropriate behaviour in NSE spaces and the potential outcomes.

Whether online or at one of our in-person events, if you see or experience anything against our code of conduct, here's how you can report it.

For tournament related incidents such as unsportsmanlike conduct, suspected player ineligibility, cheating etc, please report to an admin immediately. A full list of rules for each tournament title can be found here.

There are two ways you can report an incident. We’ve set up a new email address specifically for reporting purposes, Your details will never be shared with anyone outside of NSE staff. When reporting, we need as much information as possible:

  1. 1. The name or names of those accused
  2. 2. When and where the incident happened
  3. 3. An account of the events
  4. 4. If there were any others present
  5. 5. Any corroborating files

Alternatively, you can fill out the form linked here. Using this form allows anonymous reporting however, this may limit the way we're able to deal with the report as there is no opportunity for us to open a dialogue.

At live events:

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind at our live events, for example:

  1. - Stalking
  2. - Intimidation or threats
  3. - Offensive or lewd verbal behaviour
  4. - Physical assault
  5. - Inappropriate physical contact
  6. - Unwelcome physical attention
  7. - Harassing photography or recording

Any NSE event is an opportunity for members of the community to meet up in a fun, friendly, safe and welcoming environment. Our code of conduct outlines the expected behaviour for everyone attending regardless of position or status, this is including but not limited to: staff, volunteers, attendants and competitors. 

As event organisers, determinations of appropriate or inappropriate behaviour are at the discretion of NSE staff and we reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove someone from the event.

How we will manage reports:

The NSE system will have 3 categories: watched, warned and banned. This system has no linear progression as each incident is evaluated by the NSE team on a case by case basis. This policy gives more flexibility in banning members for serious first-time offences while allowing leeway for upstanding, long-time members involved in smaller incidents.

The 3 categories:

Watched: The NSE team keeps a closer eye on a member’s behaviour in all NSE related platforms to ensure there are no further issues.

Warned: A member receives an official warning for their behaviour. If the member continues to cause problems, they may be banned. However, if weeks or months pass without incident, the warned status may expire.

Banned: If a member continues with the disruptive behaviour despite warnings or does something extremely harmful, they will be removed from the NSE Discord and other platforms and won't be able to enter into our tournaments.

For example, someone may end up banned for a serious incident without getting warned or watched, or someone may stay in the watched category after two minor issues and not escalated to being warned.

If any NSE staff, admins or volunteers notice inappropriate behaviour or harassment taking place, this will be acted upon immediately prior to being reported and with the same process as above.

A reminder of the NSE Code of Conduct