#NSEunleashed: Vote for Your Favourite Entry!



1 month ago


We had over 200 entries for #NSEunleashed! The NSE team had a great time going through all of the tweets and there were many great entries to choose from, but now it's time to decide on a winner from a top 8.

The winner of #NSEunleashed will get an Xbox Series X and a Limited Edition Monster Xbox One controller.

Voting ends on Thursday 22nd April at 11:59pm BST.

Here are the top 8...

1. @OTCoooke and Monster Energy butterflies:


2. @jodie_bavister's incredible self-portrait:


3. @ImNotAfran's awesome 3D setup:


4. @CatCSGO's musical submission:


5. @Mackerset finds a wild Monster Energy:


6. @SpongeyFrog's Monster inspired Halo drawing:


7. @DrunkenHyena_'s day out in Edinburgh:



8. @7734Dota's recap of the NSE BUSR F1 league:


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