#NSEunleashed & Society Support




Up your game with #NSEunleashed and Monster Energy this spring.

Whether it's taking your gameplay to the next level by grinding to that next rank or bringing that Monster Energy attitude to the hobbies you enjoy, we want to see it!

Monster Energy are giving a HUGE prize. The winner of #NSEunleashed will get an Xbox Series X and a Limited Edition Monster Xbox One controller.

Entries can be anything visual - art, video content, photography, gaming, sports-related etc.

If you're submitting gaming content, we want to see something a bit different and not just great moments (we've got Monster Plays for that). Get creative, show how you’re living the Monster lifestyle.

Rules for entry:

  • - Your entry must be made through Twitter. The post must tag the NSE & Monster Energy UK Twitter accounts with the hashtag #NSEunleashed.

  • - A can of Monster Energy (any flavour) must feature somewhere in your submission.

  • - You must be a student at a UK university and have a UK shipping address. If your entry gets picked, we will check if you have an active student email address.

  • - Submissions must be original and made by the one who submitted it.

  • - Submissions close on Friday 2nd April at 11pm.


Society Support

Society events still happen in lockdown, and we want to try to support them as best as we can. Instead of the big drops societies used to receive for their physical events, Monster will now be sending out individual deliveries of cans to event attendees.

If your society is holding an online event and you'd like to receive cans for your event, please fill out the new Monster Energy Event Support Application here.

If you're the one organising the event, you must fill out both sections of the form. If you're attending the event, you only need to fill out the second part of the form. This form will close at the end of the Spring season.



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