NSE and IFoEC Join Forces to Offer Students Coaching Sessions



Interested in coaching or looking to sharpen your skills? We’ve teamed up with IFoEC, the education partner of the International Federation of Esports Coaches, to offer two free esports coach development sessions over the 2021/2022 academic year.

IFoEC aims to promote professionalism and safe practice within esports. They are creating developmental pathways for aspiring and existing players, coaches, and organisations in esports and they are giving free sessions to members of the NSE community

These four-hour courses will be held once per term (winter and spring), with a follow-up discussion in the summer. By the end of this introductory course, you’ll have covered the basics of coaching including how to lead sessions, communicate and manage conflict, and establish professional and safe team environments. 

Whether you’re new to the coaching game, previously a team captain, or have many hours under your belt, these sessions are open to UK university students in the NSE community regardless of previous experience.

The first course will be held on Wednesday 27th October, 2 - 6pm. Details of the spring course will be released nearer the time. Thirty places are available so be sure to get your applications in early! 

Keen to get coaching? Fill out the form HERE.

Applications will close at 4pm on Thursday 14th October.

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