Monster Plays is back for the Spring 2024 season!



Did you make a nutty play while competing in a British University Esports Championship? Monster Plays is back for the Spring 2024 season! For eight weeks this season, submit your clip to Monster Plays and you can earn copious amounts of Monster Energy for a year! Check out Week 1's clips from last season below:

Each Monday during the season, you can submit your best clip captured while playing in a BUEC competition for a chance that your clip is one of the five shortlisted by the NSE staff. Then, it's up to the NSE community to vote on which one should be the winner of the respective list, so make sure you tell all your friends to vote for you if you get shortlisted!

The best clips will be awarded an exclusive virtual Monster Black Card, which gives you access to copious cans of Monster Energy for 12 months!


Once submissions close, we whittle down the entries to the top five, feature those in a weekly video and then open the fan vote for the NSE community to pick their favourite clip. This will happen on Monday at the same time the submissions for the next week open.


The fan vote gives all of you the chance to make sure your friend’s clip wins (or loses) and after voting closes, the winner will be announced and will receive a Monster Black Card!

Submission Tips

For your best chance at making it into the top 5 shortlist, check out the best practices for submitting your clips below.

Monster Plays - Spring 2024 - Week 1 Submissions

Want to have a shot at winning a Black Card? Submissions are now open! Fill out the form here or below:


Note: Due to Rocket League licensing, this competition unfortunately does not include Rocket League clips.

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