March 2023 Society of the Month - Manchester Metropolitan University Minotaurs



Our March "Society of the Month" is the Manchester Metropolitan University Minotaurs - Congratulations!

After taking the initiative to host a selection of competitive events for their students and peers, the MMU Minotaur's proved that with a strong team, there’s no such thing as a hard task putting events together!

One event was a CS:GO Wingman Tournament featuring 50 teams from 10+ universities from around the country competing in the online stages and all leading to the Grand Finals hosted at LAN inside of Manchester’s legendary “Pixel Bar”, a widely appreciated Esports and Gaming bar local to the University.

Front-runner of the Wingman operations "JJC" reached out to enlist as much support behind the event as possible before it kicked off, including University connections and setup support from their company- helping to make the event such a huge success.

Check out the CS:GO Wingman Tournament sponsored by SIS below:

Drawing inspiration from the "King of the North" CS:GO competition, "Horrocks" set about implementing a similar competition format for the Overwatch community, named the "Battle for the Midlands". After formulating Northern and Southern "All-stars" rosters of star Overwatch players, a production team was put together to lead the Broadcast, which gained a whopping peak of 109 peak viewers! Check out the Battle for the Midlands Overwatch 2 stream here.

Without the support of Warwick University for collaborating on the event and gaining sponsorships from the likes of HyperX and NUEL, or Production leads such as Warwick's "MageOfJustic", this event wouldn't have been as special as it turned out to be! 

These events offered students, spectators and host venues a fantastic opportunity to experience a huge chunk of what makes the Esports landscape so special. At NSE, we would like to thank the MMU Minotaurs for all of their hard work this last month in helping to develop the Esports landscape, and take pleasure in awarding them as our Society of the Month!

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