January 2023 Society of the Month - University of Liverpool Gaming Society



Our January Society of the Month is the University of Liverpool Gaming Society - congratulations!

Here's what UoL Gaming Society President 'Annie' had to say about the news:

“Despite Liverpool being nowhere near as big as some other cities, we do have 4 universities here, the biggest being us and John Moores. We have our friendly little rivalry, and that of course spread into esports. Playing in NSE is great, but what better way to decide who the superior esports uni is than by hosting our own LAN Derby? In December, we invited the top Rocket League, Overwatch, and Valorant teams from our Arctic Foxes to face off against the top teams from the Samurais over at LJMU. With help from Jordy, we got our hands on the PCs necessary to run the event (and even more importantly the Monster to keep us going), and everything was set to go ahead on December 7th.”

"And that’s when things went sideways... December 7th happened to be the day that Season 2 of Overwatch went live, and in the early hours of the morning, Rocket League got an update too. We already had a bit of a delayed start for other reasons, and now we had to try to download updates for 2 games on 10 PCs - eduroam was not happy.

A huge thank you here to everyone who showed up early to help us set up the gear and run the downloads, especially the RL teams. In the end, we sadly ran out of time for Valorant, but we did manage to play the RL and OW games (despite a struggling internet connection). We still had a tonne of fun, and we’re hoping to have a rematch soon, even if it might have to be run online, to settle this properly - LJMU won Rocket League, and we won Overwatch, making the score one all. We’ve also got a special event coming up in April that you should keep your eyes peeled for if you want another crack at using the gear given to us by NSE!"

Massive congrats to the University of Liverpool Gaming Society once again! You can follow them across socials using the links below.

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