Island Tours Competition Review



After so many wonderful islands were submitted for the NSE Island Tours Competition, we shortlisted five and reviewed them live on stream. Here are the winners of the competition:

First place - Merishore
Submitted by Sophie from the University of Birmingham

Second place - Rosewood
Submitted by JackyRabbit from King's College London

Third place - Bönde
Submitted by Julia from Staffordshire University

You can catch the full broadcast below:


The first Island reviewed was Bönde submitted by Julia from Staffordshire University. Bönde is a very cosy autumnal island filled with charm. This island ended up getting 3rd place. Visit it yourself: DA-4915-1156-1061.


Up next, we visited Hiraeth submitted by Folkloner, a Swansea University alumni. A very playful island with lots of themes; it has a full space station, cinema and zen garden. Here's the dream code so you can visit: DA-6407-1137-4069.


The third island we visited was submitted by JackyRabbit, a student from King's College London. The island, Rosewood, is grand and PACKED full of trinkets, decorations and beautiful flowers. We awarded this island second place, go take a tour: DA-1678-3130-4087.


Next, we visited the island that takes first place, Merishore, submitted by University of Birmingham student, Sophie. A very neatly designed island with a mini-golf area and complete with aliens creating crop circles! Dream code: DA-3967-0538-1300.


The final island we toured was Nooblar by Annie, a student at the University of Liverpool. Nooblar is a very relaxing island with an oasis, walled garden and toxic beach. Visit it here: DA-9534-9330-8481.

It was extremely difficult to choose just five islands to review. The other island were such a treat to view, so take a look at them yourselves! Here's a full list of the dream codes that were submitted:

DA-4915-1156-1061 by CatsberryRipple, Bournemouth University student.

DA-0435-3901-8376 by Taser9001, Wolverhampton University alumni.

DA-2791-5278-3171 by Wyvernrider, University of Birmingham student.

DA-6956-0746-9767 by Sanotan, University of Wales Trinity Saint David alumni.

DA-7214-4656-5867 by jdarby7, Staffordshire University student.

DA-4307-6514-6901 by Olivia, University of Glasgow student.

DA-9963-3212-6609 by Raajun, University of Birmingham student.

DA-7740-6278-6110 by DeadlySoul, University of Salford student.