Intel Powering 20 Seats for NSE BYOC at Insomnia



Always wanted to attend Insomnia BYOC but don't have a PC or can't figure out how to haul your setup to Birmingham? Intel are lending out 20 PCs to the NSE community who are attending BYOC!

What are the 20 setups on offer?

  • PC
    Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast PCs (Phantom Canyon) to be lent out to the first twenty members of the NSE community. You can find the full specs here.

  • Monitor
    A 24" BenQ XL2420T monitor. Specs here.

  • Peripherals (optional)
    This includes a mouse, keyboard and headset or you can bring your own.

  • Games
    All of the BUEC titles will be pre-downloaded onto the NUCs.


Want to borrow a PC? Follow these steps...

  1. Buy an NSE BYOC ticket - tickets purchased here.
    (Please note this offer doesn't apply to finalist tickets!)

  2. Email with a screenshot attached of your proof of purchase. Remember, these are first come first serve.

  3. We'll reply to you confirming a space and that's it!


The NSE BYOC Ticket

    • £99 each (not including booking fees) (Original ticket price is £119)
    • NSE BYOC space for the whole 5 day event from 6pm Thursday to 4pm Monday
    • Entrance from 10am until 6pm into the Expo Hall from Friday (4pm on Monday) (same as BYOC priority ticket)
    • Gain access on Thursday to the BYOC hall from 6pm
    • A table, chair, power and network access in the LAN hall
    • Able to participate in Insomnia BYOC tournaments
    • Access to the Community Games area
    • Access to the Esports stage and bar in BYOC after hours
    • Access to the NSE partner area
    • Access to NSE spectator area to watch BUEC
    • Camping tickets are bought separately, camping IS NOT included
    • To ensure only students take advantage of the discount, you must book with your student email!

Got a question? Read the FAQs and full details about the event here. You can also ask us a question at or in the Insomnia channel in the NSE Discord.


BUEC Broadcast Schedule

Saturday 09:00 Dota 2
  14:00 Overwatch
  17:00 League of Legends
Sunday 10:00 Rocket League
  12:00 Rainbow Six: Siege
  15:30 Valorant
  19:00 CS:GO

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