Intel FutureGen Broadcast - The Esports Landscape



As part of the Intel FutureGen programme, we are be broadcasting a series of online sessions with leading industry figures.

The first session of 2021 featured Malph Minns, Strive Sponsorship Founder & Managing Director. Strive offers insight-led sport, esports & entertainment sponsorship & commercial advice to brands, rightsholders & investors.

With over 18 years experience in the sports, esports, and entertainment industry, Malph gives an overview of the esports landscape. Topics covered include the esports field of play, who are the key stakeholders, how they serve the esports industry and what job roles are available.

Watch the full broadcast below.


  • 00:00 - 03:33 Introduction
  • 03:33 - 08:36 Esports Field of Play
  • 08:36 - 17:41 Key Stakeholders in the Wider Ecosystem
  • 17:41 - 22:16 Serving the Whole Esports Ecosystem
  • 22:16 - 32:38 Types of Jobs That May Be Available Within a Company
  • 32:38 - 33:59 Outro

Stay tuned for news on who our next Intel FutureGen speaker is!

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